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The music of VAST is primarily the work of one person, Jon Crosby


Wait, wait with me

I am useless when I'm alone

Stay, stay with me

At least until she gets home


There's nothing I can do to make it right

She found out about the darkness last night

There's nothing I can say to make her stay

She found out about the darkness today


From the album "Me and You" by VAST

VAST: Making Evening and Night



1. Again and Again

2. No One Could Know

3. Where'd You Go?

4. It's Time

5. Like God

6. Call on Me

7. The Thing They Took

8. They Only Love You When You Die

9. There is No Tomorrow

10. The Trail of Tears

11. The Fire of Love



1. Something About You Turns Me On

2. Noise

3. Put Your Lips Around My Generation

4. Diamonds to Coal

5. Whisper My Name

6. Burning Desire

7. Desperate

8. I Would Like It

9. Broken Girl

10. Kimi

11. I Want it Back

From October 2013 until January of 2014, Jon Crosby put out a series of five downloads entitled ”Works In Progress”. Fans were allowed to vote on their favorite tracks from each download, and the results are presented here as VAST: Making Evening and Night. The first set is comprised of the fan selected tracks, and the second set is made up of songs that didn’t quite make the final cut. We feel that they are all worth listening to, and if there are songs from the second set you would like to see included in the next VAST record, feel free to let us know.

Handwritten lyrics to a VAST song of your choosing, dedicated to a special person of your choosing.

Handwritten Lyrics

Each song is presented on high quality 6” by 9” stationary with a matching envelope, and is written in the same style that Jon uses when he is writing lyrics for a new VAST song. Please provide the song you would like, and who you would like to dedicate it to, whether it be yourself or someone else. Free shipping and handling is included with all purchases of handwritten lyrics.